Kinship jars made from ocean waste plastic


Sustainable Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) Collection Points


Our industry is overdue for a clean-up. We’re a part of that change.

Our clean, cruelty-free, plant-based formulas are just the start. What they’re packaged in matters for our planet, too. It’s no secret that 95% of plastic packaging is only used once + that 5 trillion pieces have ended up in our oceans.

Using post-consumer recycled materials and minimal packaging, we’re committed to sustainable skincare for ALL. We recognize the undeniable connection between the health of our 🌎 and your personal health.

Kinship Models for Sustainable Skincare


  • All of our paper materials are recyclable.

  • Check if your local recycling accepts our plastic packaging. See the 'Earth First' section of every product page for details. If so, clean + dry your empties before dropping in your recycling bin.

  • While Kinship collects Ocean Waste + we package our products in post-consumer recycled plastic, there's more we can do to close the loop.

  • We're thrilled to announce that we joined Pact Collective on their mission to end cosmetic packaging waste in the beauty and wellness industries. This collaboration makes it easier to properly recycle your empties. We invite all our customer to drop off their empties at Pact Collection Bins across the country. You can find a searchable list here:

  • Or, get crafty + turn your sustainable skincare empties into a tiny planter, craft organizer, or keep other small goods.

Kinship packaging


Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans. That’s like a garbage truck emptying plastic into the ocean every minute. We found a solution that goes full circle with all that existing plastic waste: OWP and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

OWP is plastic waste, collected by local fishing communities in and around the Java Sea and rivers in Jakarta, and handed over to relevant local authorities to be recycled into new, sustainable packaging. For each OWP component sold by Kinship, plastic is removed from the ocean and rivers through a fully documented and certified process.

One solution won’t be enough—this is just a ripple in the wave of changes we're making to be more sustainable.

6 tons of ocean waste plastic collected



Blue ocean wave icon | Kinship

Kinship has removed 6 tons of plastic waste from our oceans

Indonesian fisherman collecting plastic waste from ocean | Kinship
How ocean waste plastic is processed | Kinship
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OWP production emits 75% fewer greenhouse gases than virgin plastic

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Recycled plastic saves 2x as much energy, versus when it’s incinerated

eu compliance

OWP complies with the EU’s cosmetics regulations for safe packaging

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Kinship has removed 6 tons of ocean waste plastic collected by local fishing communities in and around the Java Sea and rivers in Jakarta.

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Our tubes are made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials

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Our paper materials are 100% PCR paper and FSC-certified


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