Supermello / $34

Hyaluronic Gel Cream Moisturizer

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Self Reflect

Self Reflect / $28

Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen
Zinc Oxide SPF 32

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Dreamwave 2% Bio-Retinoid Complex Overnight Serum

Dreamwave / $48

2% Bio-Retinoid Complex Overnight Serum

77 reviews
$48 Value
Juice Cleanse Duo

Juice Cleanse Duo / $38

2-Piece Cleanser Set

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Glow Up Discovery Set

Glow Up Discovery Set / $19 $10

4 Clinically Effective Minis

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Brightwave Duo

Brightwave Duo / $62

Vitamin C Face + Eye Brightening Duo

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Naked Papaya

Naked Papaya / $24

Gentle Enzyme Milky Cleanser

4230 reviews
Pimple Potion

Pimple Potion / $22 $13.20

2% BHA + Retinal Acne Treatment

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Brightwave Energizing + Brightening Eye Cream

Eye Cream / $38

Vitamin C Brightening + Energizing Eye Cream

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Supermelt Vegan Lip Jelly Mask

Supermelt / $20

Hyaluronic Plumping Lip Treatment

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Self Reflect Lover

Self Reflect Lover / $56

Limited Edition 3-Piece Set

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Hydrating Routine

Hydrating Routine / $68

3-Piece Set for Moisturized + Protected Skin

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Kinship The Besties, Essential 3-Piece Skincare Set

The Besties / $64

Essential 3-Piece Skincare Set

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Brightwave 10% Vitamin C + Peptide Brightening Serum

Face Serum / $45

10% Vitamin C + Peptide Brightening Serum

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Insta Swipe

Insta Swipe / $26 $15.60

Lemon Honey AHA Exfoliating Pads

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Self Smooth 10% Glycolic Pore Minimizing Toner-Serum

Self Smooth / $30 $18

10% Glycolic Pore Minimizing Toner-Serum

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Clear Skin Routine

Clear Skin Routine / $69 $62.10

5-Piece Set for Blemish-Prone Skin

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Renew + Protect Set

Renew + Protect Set / $64

Healthy Aging Duo

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Brightening Routine

Brightening Routine / $106

3-Piece Set for Radiant Skin

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Smooth Skin Routine

Smooth Skin Routine / $80

3-Piece Set for Even Tone + Texture

Kinskin Ceramide Face Oil

Kinskin / $38

Ceramide Barrier Repair Oil

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Self Reflect Sport SPF 60

Self Reflect Sport
SPF 60 / $30

Triple Ceramide Moisturizing Sunscreen
Zinc Oxide Broad Spectrum

Triple Ceramide Moisturizing Sunscreen

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SPF Besties

SPF Besties / $48

2-Piece Self Reflect Set

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Products for Natural Vegan Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Say goodbye to painful blemishes and harsh chemicals with our range of vegan skincare products for sensitive skin.

We have sunscreens that feel like second skin, creams that perk up your skin, overnight serums loaded with antioxidants, and moisturizers that keep your skin plump and supple all day long.

Sensitive skin can be challenging, but the right skincare can make all the difference.

Our selection of vegan skincare products is specially formulated to keep sensitive skin moisturized and clean.

Each product is crafted with the best plant-based ingredients. You will not find any harmful chemicals or preservatives in our products.

We combine the power of nature with gentle, skin-loving ingredients that will not aggravate your skin.

Our collection is perfect for nourishing and cleaning sensitive skin.

What Are Vegan Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin?

Vegan skincare products are formulated without any animal-derived ingredients.

This means they are free of common irritants like dairy and lanolin, which can trigger reactions when applied to sensitive skin.

Instead of using animal products, vegan skincare products rely on plant-based ingredients. These ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish and protect the skin.

Kinship goes beyond just natural ingredients.

Our science-backed formulas are specially developed to ensure effectiveness and gentleness.

We use kind-to-skin, plant-based ingredients that work together to support a strong, healthy skin barrier.

Here are some of the key ingredients in our products and their benefits:

1. Kinbiome™ Probiotic: This plant-based prebiotic strengthens the skin barrier, balances oil, and promotes a glowing, resilient complexion.

2. Natural Fruit Enzymes: These fruit-derived enzymes gently exfoliate, unclog pores, and promote a smooth, even skin tone without irritation.

3. Antioxidant Superfoods: Our Self Reflect sunscreen, rich in antioxidant turmeric, protects against environmental damage, reduces inflammation, and supports skin healing.

4. Omega Fatty Acid Oils: These oils deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, providing essential fatty acids that help maintain the skin's moisture barrier.

5. Bioavailable Vitamins: Vitamin C brightens skin, reduces dark spots, boosts collagen, and promotes a youthful complexion, while we avoid barrier-unfriendly components like parabens and sulfates.

Why Choose Skincare for Sensitive Skin by Kinship?

At Kinship, we understand that sensitive skin needs special care. We are committed to providing safe and effective vegan skincare products.

Here’s why you should use Kinship beauty products for sensitive skin:

1. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Kinship's products are free from animal-derived ingredients and are never tested on animals. We use effective plant-based alternatives that are ideal for sensitive skin and result in less environmental harm.

2. Natural Ingredients: We use high-quality botanicals and minerals, focusing on sustainable sources. Our wide-ranging list of ingredients is unique to our products.

3. Formulated for Sensitive Skin: Kinship’s skin-friendly formulas avoid common irritants and harsh chemicals like alcohol and parabens. Kinship products feature Kinbiome™ technology, a plant-based pre-probiotic that supports a healthy skin barrier and reduces skin sensitivity.

4. Ethical and Sustainable: Kinship uses post-consumer recycled materials, removes ocean waste plastic, and offers reef-safe SPFs.

In short, our formulas are highly effective on sensitive skin without compromising our commitment to natural, ethical standards.

Show Love to Sensitive Skin

Look no further if you’ve been hunting for skincare that understands your sensitive skin.

Your skin deserves the best care; our products are designed to provide just that.

Our natural vegan collection brings you into a world where your skin doesn’t just survive—it thrives.

Why not take a step towards happier, healthier skin today? Check out our collection to show your skin some love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section addresses common questions about vegan skincare for sensitive skin.

How Can I Get Rid of Sensitive Skin?

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely "get rid" of sensitive skin. However, you can treat and alleviate it with the following tips:

1. Avoiding hot showers

2. Use gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens formulated for sensitive skin.

3. Avoiding perfumes and scented products

4. Moisturizing regularly to prevent dryness

Which Natural Ingredient Is Best for Sensitive Skin?

Here are several natural ingredients that are beneficial for sensitive skin:

1. Aloe Vera - Soothing and hydrating

2. Chamomile - Calming and anti-inflammatory

3. Green Tea Extract - Antioxidant and soothing

4. Oat Extract - Moisturizing and calming

5. Calendula - Healing and soothing

6. Rose Water - Hydrating and calming

7. Shea Butter - Nourishing and moisturizing

Is Natural Vegan Skincare Better for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, natural vegan skincare is better for sensitive skin. Plant-based ingredients are less likely to cause irritation or adverse effects, making them a gentle and effective choice.

However, always check the label and do a patch test before using a new product.